Custom electronics manufacturing

Comprehensive services:

We provide a wide range of electronic manufacturing services, from PCB assembly and soldering including SMD and conventional technologies to custom electronics manufacturing and complete electronic device development.

Flexibility and adaptability

With the ability to provide custom manufacturing, circuit board design and other services tailored to customer requirements, we are able to respond effectively to the diverse needs and demands of the marketplace.

Quality and experience

With years of experience and expertise, we are able to deliver high quality products and services. Our company has a track record of successful projects and satisfied customers, a testament to our ability to deliver quality results.

Custom electronics manufacturing in Prague

About us

Custom electronics manufacturing Markom Prague : Markom was founded in 1997 and we take pride in professional processing of the order and our customer’s satisfaction. Our company offers fitting and soldering of printed circuit boards with SMD, classic and mixed technology. We also offer custom electronics manufacturing, the designing of printed circuit boards, a complete development of electronic devices according to our customer’s requirements, PCB manufacturing, final assembly and other services according to the needs of our customer.

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Our services

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Classic mounting

We offer a fully equipped workplace for the assembly of classic components. We perform complete PCB assembly, mechanical assembly, wiring, PCB potting …

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SMD mounting

We have been providing DPS since 1997. We can either assemble the whole board or just a part, where you supply your PCB, boards and other components. If you leave the whole …

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Production and development

We offer custom development of electronic devices according to customer requirements. We offer development of programs for CPU ATmega ATtiny, PIC. We work in FORMICA design system …